How to Treat Smoke Damage After a Fire in Solana Beach

San Diego Water Mitigation Solana Beach smoke damageAfter a fire, there are so many things that you will need to keep track of. However, it is important that you do everything you can to make sure your home is safe and inhabitable when you are able to get back to it. Knowing how to treat smoke damage helps you get your home clean and starts you on the right track towards getting back to your normal life. 

Ventilate Your Home 

The first thing to do is open up all the windows in your home. Odors and residual smoke drift outside and give you some fresh air. Keep your doors and windows open for at least the entirety of the first day to ensure that you have enough ventilation when you are inside. 

Turn on the HVAC

During a fire, your HVAC system may take in smoke damage and soot. It can collect in your ducts and vents, so turn on your system as soon as it is declared safe to use and you are able to. Getting the air moving helps get the inside of the system clean and aids with ventilation. 

Vacuum Soot 

Using a shop vac, try to vacuum up as much soot as you can. If you are doing this on your furniture, avoid pressing down with the vacuum wand because this could leave stains. Instead, hold the hose above the surface and at an angle. 

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If you want the best professional help for your home after a fire, San Diego Water Mitigation is here to assist you with recovery. Our customers enjoy outstanding attention to detail and the latest smoke and fire damage remediation tools and techniques. We also resolve sewage leaks and mold concerns, and water mitigation issues. Contact us today for prompt assistance!

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